Handyman Home Services in Washington DC

You must have many tasks to conclude, but in a very short time! What you need is an all-rounder handyman service provider who saves your worthy time in no time. Kuffa handyman home services in Washington dc. is one of the reliable handyman services.
We are one team with multi-talented handyman, who perform every job efficiently. The performance affirms its perfection. We equally handle all the big and tiny jobs. We deliver residential as well as commercial handyman services to our customers.
Call us now and let our skilled craftsmen tackle your home maintenance and repair tasks.
Our handyman will ensure the security and satisfaction of the fact that things are being handled by well-informed individuals. Our home service includes:
• Door lock Replacement
• Wardrobes Repairing & Shifting
• Furniture Repairing
• Wood Polish
• Wooden Table and Chair Repairing
• Curtain Rod Installation
• Art Hanging
• Mirror Repair
• Picture Hanging
• Shelf Hanging
• Painter
• Door Lock and Catcher
• Glass and Aluminum Replacement
• Furniture Polish
• Kitchen Renovation
• Wooden Doors Repairing
• Carpenter
• Wall Drilling
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Drawer repairing
• Wardrobe Channel
• Wardrobe Fixing
• Shed Installation
• Carpet fixing etc.

Why not Getting a Bathroom You Desire?
Handyman bathroom renovation and remodeling are worthy plans. A bathroom is the most frequently utilized areas in the house. On hiring our handyman for bathroom renovation services, you practice the joy of mental stability and that your property is under safe monitoring. With the minimum interruption of your routine, we give you the best out of the best. We care about you and your health therefore, while taking all precautions we come up with a neat job and conclude all the tasks with cleanliness while leaving the site each day.
Our handyman for bathroom renovation and remodeling greatly give your home a new and fresh look. On successful completion, you will find that it is not a loss and your investment can never be wasted. In all the cases, whether you are to install a fresh sink, a modern glass shower door, beautiful flooring, we are always there to assist you. Kuffa Handyman bathroom renovation services are well equipped. We can alone conclude the whole project. We are the one window solution followed by the guaranteed work. our bathroom renovation/ remodeling services include:
• New shower door or tub installation
• Tile floor installation
• Toilet installation
• New faucet or shower fixture installation
• Drywall or cement board installation
• Vanity or mirror installation etc.
If you desire for just minor boosts to your bathroom or want a perfect relook, we assure you to make your dreams come true. If you are all prepared to renovate your bathroom and give it a new worthy look, feel free to call us now for the desired service without wasting any more time.

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